Sell a Property


Do you want or need to sell or unload your property?

We provide problem solving solutions for home owners and investors alike.

Real solutions for current market conditions.

We buy and lease all types of homes:

  • vacant or rented

  • in need of repairs (big or little),

  • old or new in any condition

  • single family

  • multi family

  • duplex

  • condo

  • mobile home

  • Land and more

We work with you and your situation!
We are looking for new property all the time. We also network with other buyers and investors. This lets us provide you with more solutions.

Are you paying for your house every month (Taxes, Insurance, Repairs, Utilities, Loans, etc.)?


If your house is in a distressed situation, you are at the right place.


How would you like to get paid every month instead of paying?
Let us help you turn your house into cash with a nice steady monthly check you can rely on.


We are experts in distressed houses.
Let us provide you with up to date solutions for your current real estate situation. Please contact us to get started.

Is it time to get that investment property out of your hands? Has life changed? Are you getting older? Do you have health related problems, had a family death, or just have other things you want to do?

Would you like to find a reliable person or company to take over so you can relax and let them deal with everything that goes with owning investment real estate so you can just get a check every month?

Does just collecting your monthly payment with no excuses, reasons or hassles sound appealing to you?

IF SO…. then we know you will be pleased with us! We have what you’re looking for.


We Look Forward To Working With You! Please Contact Us.



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