Joint Ventures


For the cash Investor (passive investor)

Your funds combined with our experience;

Leverage your funds with our Experience….

  1. Hassle free Real Estate investing. We do all the work and send you a check!
    For supplemental income, re-investing, building your IRA, Trust funds, etc.

  1. Your funds are secured in a tangible asset - the property you’re invested in with a NOTE (contract agreement) and a Mortgage.

  1. You can use savings, under performing retirement funds, existing IRA's, CD’s, Stock's, trust fund's and more. Get your funds working hard for you!

Some of the options for investing your funds are;

  1. Quick turn houses: Normally only take a few days to few months.
    These are shorter term with a higher return

  1. Buy & Hold houses: Long term wealth builder providing passive cash flow.
    (Where you get the most out of your return).

  1. Buy, Fix & Update, then Re-sell: Normally takes about 6-12 months.
    These are longer term with higher return.

Sound investing with positive cash flow and built in equity. Building Wealth through Real Estate Investing!

For the CASH Buyer;

Investor / Landlord / Flipper / Contractor / Homeowner

Leverage your funds with your time…..


You can buy our properties at different phases & conditions:

  1. Liquidation priced where you don’t mind getting dirty and working on houses to get the most out of your investment.

  1. Priced after some of the basic repairs or updates have been completed.

  1. Priced once units are in rent or move in condition.

  1. Priced for units rented with tenants in place.

  1. Priced for fully renovated and updated houses in retail purchase condition.

Have you always known real estate investing was a good idea? Have you wondered if you had only bought then? Have you wanted to buy but did not have the time or experience?


You may have even considered having an experienced partner or contractor that you could work with and trust?

Maybe you have the funds if they could handle the rest (repairs, tenants, toilets, sales, etc)?

Now you have the experienced partner you can trust and it is right here with us! You have someone to split the profits with 50/50 and everyone wins! Let’s get better acquainted and make this happen!!


Thank you for your time!

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