We specialize in residential real estate investments (Tangible ASSETS).


We work with investors (both passive and active), landlords, contractors, flippers and homeowners.

We work with all phases of real estate investing from prepurchase evaluations & negotiations to final resale and follow up, managing all aspects while holding the property (long or short term).


Management aspects include repairs, updates, major renovations, structural repairs, renting, leasing, and everything in between. We are experts in distressed properties.


We know what it takes to make it work.


This Includes materials, labor, holding costs, closing costs, and more. We have been associted with properties for a long time. We buy them, build them, repair them and a whole lot more. We have over 30 years and 100 million dollars worth of evaluating and renovating experience.


This extensive experience allows us to buy and sell at the fairest prices and greatly reduces risks, allowing our partners and investors to receive higher returns.


We strive to create win/win situations in all aspects of real estate investing. We also enjoy creating quality, affordable homes for lower income families. We understand these needs and work diligently to meet them.


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